Home News Man approaches students on MTSU campus for sex

Man approaches students on MTSU campus for sex

Man approaches students on MTSU campus for sex


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A man from out of town reportedly approached several male students on Middle Tennessee State University’s campus Sunday night and offered to pay money for sex.

Officials told News 2 a total of seven students were approached by the man, identified as 36-year-old John Einsenschmidt, before it was reported to campus police.

According to police, Eisenschmidt offered the male students money for sex near the James Walker Library.

One of the students told campus police the California man showed him a $20 bill, and when he asked what the money was for, the man said for sex.

The students denied the offer, and reported the incidents to police.

“Students did the right thing by immediately calling police,” said MTSU Director of Media Relations Jimmy Hart. “We are certainly always on the alert to make sure the campus is safe, and students are safe.”

Eisenschmidt wasn’t arrested and received state citations for trespassing and patronizing prostitution.

“The suspect was stopped, police spoke with the suspect; there didn’t appear to be any other threat to our students,” Hart said.

News 2 spoke with some students who said they are concerned by the incident.

“Even though he’s only one man, he’s could have posed a huge threat to anyone around in the area,” said MTSU senior Derrick Peppers.

Peppers was not approached by the man, but none-the-less, he’s concerned.

“When I heard about that news I was a little surprised. It makes me want to check my surroundings more often also and notice who’s around me,” he said, adding. “[It’s] very
shocking I should say. I would say it was a very dangerous situation.”

Another student said they believe Eisenschmidt should have been arrested.

“I think on campus he should have been arrested and more should have been done, especially at a place of learning like this,” said student Will Long.

News 2 reached out to Einsenschmidt by phone, but he did not immediately return our calls.

*Courtesy Of News 2 WKRN-TV Nashville*