Home News Ref who says he was intentionally hit by player resigns; criminal past uncovered

Ref who says he was intentionally hit by player resigns; criminal past uncovered

Ref who says he was intentionally hit by player resigns; criminal past uncovered

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – News 2 has learned that a high school referee who resigned Thursday did so after a statutory rape charge was made public.

Digging deeper, News 2 discovered referee Kyle Gill has a host of other charges against him as well, but none of his arrests were caught by a background check.

That’s because the group that licenses high school referees, the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, doesn’t do background checks.

But that could change.

Right now, would-be referees fill out a form that asks them to disclose any felony charges, but Gill supposedly didn’t do that.

His criminal charges came to light after video surfaced this week showing a Glencliff High School football player hitting the 36-year-old on the field.

Gill publicly accused the player of hitting him on purpose, but the school didn’t agree.

Then, the TSSAA said they were made aware of Gill’s criminal history and suspended him. But today, Gill resigned.

According to the Rutherford County Sherriff’s Office, he was originally charged with attempted rape and aggravated sexual battery, but those charges later changed to statutory rape and criminal trespass, though we don’t know why.

News 2 tried contacting Gill for comment, but his cell phone wasn’t accepting incoming calls.

The TSSAA plans to discuss doing background checks at its November meeting. Until then, Williamson County schools decided to take it upon themselves to do background checks for their referees.

We are disappointed to learn that the TSSAA has not been conducting criminal background checks on game officials. While it is encouraging to learn that the TSSAA has expressed an interest in addressing this issue in the months to come, we do not feel comfortable with the status quo. Therefore, WCS will not wait on the TSSAA to ensure the safety of our students. We will begin requiring fingerprint background checks to ensure referees are meeting the TSSAA’s standards. WCS will bear the cost of these background checks through October 9, 2015. Background checks submitted after October 9, 2015, will not be reimbursable by the district,” said the school system in a statement.

*Courtesy Of News 2 WKRN-TV Nashville*