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Local Business Guarantees Life Changing Results

Local Business Guarantees Life Changing Results

We sat down with local business owner Mark Phaup of New You Body Sculpting and see what they plan to bring to our community here in Murfreesboro. You can find them on Facebook here , call them at (615) 410-3820 or visit their website here.

Can you describe your business and how you see your place in our community ? 

The main focus at our wellness center is to help you achieve your weight loss goals and produce maximum results to every area of your body that you are interested in reshaping. If you are ready to commit to achieving your best body, then allow us to help you get a jumpstart on the process. With our detailed program, we guide you through the weight loss journey without having to step foot in a gym! We use state of the art technology to get you the desired results that will trim your body and assist you in achieving total wellness. We help to actually coach you and help you to find a level of accountability that will inspire you to reach your goals. You won’t see this as an expense, you will see this as a reinvestment in yourself that will have long lasting positive results on your mental, physical and emotional states.

Mark and his family.
Mark and his family.

What kinds of specials or promotions are you offering to the people of Murfreesboro?

We currently offer four program packages that will vary in cost according to the number of treatments required to help you achieve your personal weight loss goals. Programs are suggested to potential clients following their initial free body analysis, consultation and treatment. We aim for our clients to be fully educated on the program, its benefits and navigate them to finding the best path for their personal lifestyle to achieve total wellness.

Program options vary from Bronze (8 treatments), Silver (12 treatments), Gold (18 treatments) and Platinum (24 treatments). Each program package includes light sculpting body makeover sessions, a detox and fat cleansing system, lymphatic flush treatment, monthly ZYTO compass scan, personal consultations with our on staff dietician and full support beyond the completion of their program.

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Similar companies market their packages beginning at $600 per session. We are more focused on providing the community of Murfreesboro with a service that will allow them to improve their overall health, increase their self-confidence and enhance their everyday lifestyle. That being said, we will be offering treatment sessions as low as $135 with our current promotion of 50% off of retail pricing for a limited time.

If our client does not meet their goal by the end of their purchased program, then we will work with them until they achieve the results that fall within their selected package.

What should the people of Murfreesboro know about your business? 

Our mission statement is: Our mission at New You Body Sculpting is to help you achieve maximum results using our state of the art light technology. We will assess, assist, counsel and coach to ensure that you reach your health, nutrition, fitness and wellness goals.

The reason that the business was started was because after retiring from law enforcement, I wanted to find an alternative way of helping people. There is no better way to do that than to help people to help themselves. I want to help people to feel better about themselves, to encourage them to feel better in their own skin, to be comfortable in it and to be able to be the person that they were born to be. That is what I always wanted for my children, and that is what I think would help to make this world a better place. Truly being able to feel comfortable in your own skin, to not dwell on the opinion of others but to reshape one’s opinion of themselves.

This would also allow for me to help my children. I always encouraged them to attend college. All of my three children are doing or have done just that. They are going to school to try to get a leg up in this world, the problem with that is that despite their effort they still come out of college with thousands of dollars of debt. How can we expect our children to obtain an entry-level job, pay their own bills, buy their own gas and groceries, all the while drowning in debt from trying to earn an education? I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that if I am successful in building this business then I can help to drag my children out of debt and set them back up on their feet. I am a Dad. The best I can do is help them the way that I want to help others and encourage, love and support them along the way.

Once we get the ball rolling, I intend to set up internships and (hopefully) other part-time positions that can help to assist other kids in college to make ends meet or buff up their resume. I want to be able to invest in local events, local teams, local restaurants and local causes. Conglomerate companies are great, but local businesses are what makes a community unique. I want to become active in this community. I want to actively participate in making this world a better place, in making Murfreesboro an even better place.

New You Body Sculpting

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