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Murfreesboro Restaurants We Want Back!

Murfreesboro Restaurants We Want Back!

When any local business closes here in Murfreesboro it’s a sad day. For some reason or another, too many of those local businesses have been beloved restaurants. We asked the community which ones they would love to see come back. Here’s the most mentioned :

Mezza Cuisine


” Mezza Cuisine didn’t have the usual Americanized falafel and gyro kind of middle eastern food. There were lamb meatballs and mint and cucumber based salads, desserts other than baklava, stews with eggplant and peppers, breads, some pizzas, including a pizza with mint and white sauce. ” – Claire

3 Brothers Craft Brewhouse


” Had a great atmosphere, servers were always alert and interactive. Strong beer selection, food was incredible. Really miss The Rhino! ” – Bartley

Blue Agave


” They had a fun and funky atmosphere. Great food. The handmade guacamole at your table was FANTASTIC!  We always ordered the sizzling fajitas and they lit it up at the table for another special touch. The Corona margarita was tasty as well.  ” – Justin

Uncle Bud’s Catfish Shack


” The fish there I had was always hot, fresh and served quickly with a smile.  The best thing was the service is quick enough that I could go there on my lunch break.

Uncle Bud’s…wish you were back in the Boro! ” – William

Fuji’s Japanese Steakhouse


” Always got the hibachi chicken which was very good.  And the chefs were really cool.   Sushi was also very delicious! Miss you Fuji. ” – J.F.

Bunganut Pig


” It wasn’t the location, the food, or the live music that made The Pig my regular place. It was the staff. It was always a pleasure to hang with so many great people, all in one location. Thank you guys for all the fun times and good memories. Cheers… ” – Tyler

Around The Way Dog


” Was an absolute  must visit when passing through Murfreesboro, and a college staple for us students!  This place was magnificent!  Usually you don’t put “gourmet” and “hotdog” together but this place has had it! ” – Gregg

Reveille Joe


” Had great atmosphere and coffee! Even greater still was the dedication to the mission of serving our veterans. All too often, our service men and women are forgotten – especially when they leave the service. It was refreshing to see someone reaching out when veterans needed help the most.”-Kaleb



We were regulars at this place. Couldn’t go wrong with the redneck nachos or the smoked wings, but the brisket was a must!  DELICIOUS….and the servers were very friendly as was the owner. ” – Candice