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Catch Your Zen In 30 Minutes And Support A Growing Local Business

Catch Your Zen In 30 Minutes And Support A Growing Local Business

Murfreesboro local, proud Air Force wife, busy mother of four and business owner of NAT Yoga & Meditation (NAT Yoga); Careasa Greer didn’t just need to find a way to take care of herself too – she absolutely had to.

” If you can’t take care of yourself there’s no way you can take care of anyone else.” Careasa had to find that time amid all her responsibilities to get a complete workout and meditation. Even if it meant, just two minutes dedicated to getting her mind focused at the beginning of each day. She calls it ” catching your zen ” and she’s on a mission to share this concept with the people of Murfreesboro by providing them with an opportunity to get a full body workout and/or meditation in 30 minutes.

” You’ve got to make yourself as a priority. Everything is based off of giving back to yourself so that you can fully give to others.” With a focus on self-healing, cleanliness and client convenience, Careasa will soon open her new luxury boutique studio, The Holistic Wellness Center, offering yoga classes of all types from NAT Yoga; on-site relaxing and medicinal massage from Couture Massage Therapies and Align Massage Therapies; as well as an array of alkaline products and juice cleanses – a one stop shop for holistic, natural health and wellness.

” Most studios only have 4 or 5 classes that they rotate throughout the week. We offer a variety of semi-private and private classes. Every class is different, every type of yoga we offer has a specific purpose. ” From Beginner (novice) and intermediate (CardiYo) yoga classes, as well as expecting mothers catching their zen with prenatal yoga classes from NAT Yoga & Meditation at the new Holistic Wellness Center.

” We cater to those who are seeking to find their zen without having to be in a large group class. With our semi-private classes we limit the maximum number of people to six. It is difficult for someone teaching a large class to give you that personalized experience and meet you where you are to help you to develop your overall health and wellness goals. ” With classes of all types available from morning to night, Careasa provides that confidence, space and privacy along with the convenience of choosing the time that’s best for her clients.

” You just show up for class, ready to get going and catch your zen! ” As a luxury boutique studio, you don’t have to bring anything other than a personal towel to wipe your own sweat. All necessary equipment (mats, weights, etc.) will be provided so that their clients don’t have to worry about purchasing any additional equipment in order to maximize their studio experience.

NAT Yoga works with Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSA) as well. In order to utilize your HSA, you are required to have a referral from your physician and approval from your insurance provider. Your sessions are being paid via your HSA. NAT Yoga provides your referring physician with all the documentation needed for their files to review, assess and document your progress.

“Our programs are beneficial to everyone: athletes, seniors, adolescents, teens, adults, children, special needs children, moms-to-be and everyone in between! ” Starting November 1st, NAT Yoga & Meditation will host all their classes and private sessions out of this new Holistic Wellness Center at 505 Cason Lane, Suite A. Their memberships and package bundle students will have access to semi-private (up to 6 students per class) and private health and wellness classes.

Careasa is also encouraging folks to see it for themselves at her current location (567 Cason Lane) before the new location opens with a “Try Before You Buy Special.” These specials are specific designed to help you get a glimpse into yoga and how it can benefit your mind, body and spirit before committing to an annual membership.You can contact Careasa at her office at 615-348-5513, visit their website at www.natyogatn.com or send an email to:info@newadventurestravel.net or natyoga01@yahoo.com with any question and/or concerns!

” Your body is a machine and designed to work hard and to heal itself. We follow a holistic path of helping you to heal your mind, body and spirit. We’re going to show people how to utilize their bodies at 100% – and naturally change the physical by building strength, endurance and flexibility; naturally change the mental aspect of your personal health by showing you how to incorporate positive and healthy habits that allow your spirit to be free, loving and kind to yourself and others. ”

Open registration for all classes is October 15th and 22nd from 10AM – 2PM at 505 Cason Lane, Suite A . ” We are going to have prize giveaways that include 3 Day 2 Night Trip, 6 month FREE membership, Gift Certificates for Aesthetician Services, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and more! The best time to sign up for classes is now! So you can pre-register to start classes on November 1st. ” You can learn more here.

With reserve spots for classes already filling up for their new location, there’s no doubt that NAT Yoga & Meditation and the Holistic Wellness Center as a whole will be helping many Murfreesboro residents catch their zen in a big way very soon.