Home News Officers disciplined following Murfreesboro child arrests

Officers disciplined following Murfreesboro child arrests

Officers disciplined following Murfreesboro child arrests

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) –Three Murfreesboro police officers have been suspended and three others received written reprimands after an investigation into the arrests and handcuffing of several Hobgood Elementary School students last year.

Both an internal and external investigation by the Murfreesboro Police Department also showed that not all procedures were followed.

Officer Crystal Templeton received the harshest discipline with a three-day suspension and six months of disciplinary probation.

“I find that Officer Templeton did not conduct a systematic and thorough investigation of the underlying incident that resulted in criminal charges against the juveniles,” said Murfreesboro Police Chief Karl Durr. “Further, the petitions for delinquency should have contained more particularized facts and information supporting the criminal charge against each juvenile.”

Officer Templeton is the only one of the six that did not agree with the chief’s decision ans has chosen to request a hearing before both him and the deputy chief.

SSEO Mark Todd, who officials say called in sick to avoid the impending arrests, was given a one-day suspension for prohibited activities while using sick time/standards of conduct.

“At no time did Officer Todd attempt to notify his chain of command despite his feelings relating to the investigation and ensuing arrests,” said the police chief in disciplinary documents.
Sergeant Greg Walker was given a one day suspension for unsatisfactory job performance.

Chief Durr stated in his review that Sergeant Walker was responsible for SSEO personnel, ran the supply section while also coordinating and supervising the school crossing guards.

While the chief acknowledged this complicated Sgt. Walker’s work, he said it did not relieve him of the duty to inform chain of command about ongoing events, especially if he is to be absent at the time they are to occur.

Three others, Sergeant Scott Newberg, Major Clyde Adkison and Lieutenant Steve Teeters all received a written reprimand for unsatisfactory job performance.

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